Friday, August 12, 2011

My New Studio Takes Shape

My new studio is about half finished, so I thought you'd might like to see some pics. Here we go, starting with the bookshelf directly behind my desk.

Full marks to anyone who comprehends the significance of the vintage radio and the Martian invader.

My ReelArt statues of The Spider and Tarzan (Thank you, Michael!).

The Guardian of Ruby, my laptop.

Some of my Edgar Rice Burroughs and Doc Savage collection.

"It's elementary."

Probably my single most prized possession. This life-sized mountain gorilla bust was the first piece of art I ever purchased, just as I was out of high school. It's traveled with me everywhere I've ever lived, all over the country ever since, and now is finally home. He likes it here. Can't you tell from his expression?

Here are some of my model kits, waiting to be painted. Most of them will have a long wait, but I'll get around to it eventually.

The Superboy kit is a long-time favorite.

My favorite toy dinosaurs are the British Museum Collection. They're are made to scale and exquisitely sculpted. A bit out-dated, perhaps, but utterly charming to me. I've had them for three decades. I love these guys.

Another very cherished possession: my Archaeopteryx fossil cast.

The Creature from the Black Lagoon model kit, built and painted by me.

A section of my Frankenstein collection.
That paperback Frankenstein book lurking in the background was my first ever copy, generously given to me by my cousin Charlotte when I was about nine years old.

That big guy in the center is the rarest piece in my Frankenstein collection. It's an original Aurora Gigantic Frankenstein kit (also affectionately known among collectors as "Big Frankie"). He needs some repair, but he's been with me ever since Christmas when I was six.

Some of my Popeye collection.

Another old friend of thirty years. Helped see me through a lot. Mighty glad she's still here close by.

Boris the cat meets the Man of Bronze.

Mary Jane guarding the shelf containing some of my published books.

Got lots more pics to post later. Thanks for indulging me!

(Click on the photos for larger images.)


  1. Those Universal Monsters models really bring back memories. In about 1973-1974, I had the King Kong one and the Dracula one. Both of mine where the "glow in the dark" head version. I loved those.

  2. Thanks for showing us the pictures of your collection. As a collector myself, I always find it fascinating what others are interested in, and delighted when they share some of my own interest. I've never been interested in the alpha male stuff: hunting, fishing, golfing or whatever. Give me a good comic, book, some music, or DVD and I'm a very happy camper. Your new house looks wonderful, hope ya'll are happy there.

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