Thursday, February 19, 2009

Who's a Woman to do?

I found this disturbing article from the Washington Post presented on novelist Jonathan Carroll's blog:

"A new study by Thomas Pollet and Daniel Nettle in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior has found an interesting correlation between how often a large sample of Chinese women report having orgasms and the income of their sexual partners. The study, which surveyed women on a wide variety of questions, found that women married to wealthier men were more likely to report having orgasms during sex. Women who had sex with the wealthiest men were twice as likely to report they always had an orgasm as women who had sex with the poorest men. The researchers say the education levels and self-reported happiness of the women had no bearing on the outcome.

"The researchers argue the finding is consistent with a popular argument in evolutionary psychology which says women are driven to find mates who can be good providers. When they find such mates, they feel better about sex."


Mr. Carroll is one of my all-time favorite writers. ( Very few others have managed to make me laugh, and run a genuine shiver down my spine, at the same time.

In brilliant Jonathan Carroll fashion, this bit of news accomplishes the same effect.


  1. Well, that explains way too much of my dating life back when to be comfortable!
    Just stopping by to check out your new blog, Martin. Brought an Avenger poster as a blog-warming gift!
    Cheers, pal!

  2. In evolutionary terms, this makes perfect sense.

    Just like I'm more likely to orgasm in the presence of a young, attractive woman than well ... other kinds of women.

    The only reason this seems even remotely odd is because women, for the most part, spend their lives denying this obvious and completely understandable aspect of life.

  3. Okay, I'll bite...

    As a woman, this does make sense, because orgasms are 90 percent mental. If you're poor and unhappy and blaming your husband for being poor and unhappy- it just ain't gonna happen...


  4. Hum, I wonder if it's just cultural/race specific and how this differs say between a Chinese (no or low orgasm) and American women with lower economic incomes. Something tells me it's more ethnic/cultural.