Thursday, May 7, 2009

Trudaloo to the Rescue

We've been going through some fretful, worrisome times lately. Probably, as it is with most fearful things, we will escape again unscathed.

It's a genuine fact that through most of my life I've often received more comfort from animals than people. This time has been no different. I really admire and even envy their unswerving loyalty and their effortless ability of living in the moment, something we as humans can rarely achieve.

This little poem by Jane Kenyon expresses it beautifully.

In and Out

The dog searches until he finds me
upstairs, lies down with a clatter
of elbows, puts his head on my foot.

Sometimes the sound of his breathing
saves my life -- in and out, in
and out; a pause, a long sigh. . . .


  1. Oh- lovely. I have two that search me out and rest on my feet. They really do warm the heart.

  2. Same for me, Martin. A point brought home last night again as I had to spend the night at the emergency vet with my sister having to put down her doberman because it was diagnosed with bone cancer. Just a terrible thing to go through. Nothing can replace the unconditional love they give us while expecting so little in return. If only the human race could learn to be that way (but not drink out of the toilet.)