Monday, January 18, 2010


Congratulations to Robert Downey, Jr. as Winner of the Golden Globe Award for his brilliant and electrifying performance as the Great Detective in SHERLOCK HOLMES!

Richly deserved. Now, how about an Oscar nomination? Yes, I really do think he's that good in the role.


  1. Well, I have to see it first before I jump on your bandwagon - but based on what I've seen and read, I suspect I'm gonna like it. Good for you for saying so!

  2. I loved the big musical number, "It's Elementary," and his opening monologue was a killer. (Or am I the only one who didn't notice the movie was a comedy or musical?)

  3. The categorizing on the award was bizarre, indeed. Still, a Golden Globe is quite prestigious, whatever was on their minds.

    For a writer like me, with my long professional attachment to the character, it's very gratifying to have an actor win a major acting award for playing Sherlock Holmes. I believe that's only the second time that's occurred, the other being the Canadian Genie Award for Christopher Plummer for MURDER BY DECREE in 1979.

    Also, it's been wonderful seeing folks so excited about Sherlock Holmes again in the cinema. Up until a few months ago I was seriously doubting that this would ever happen again.