Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bela Lugosi Returns this Halloween

BELA LUGOSI's TALES FROM THE GRAVE is lurking your way, coming soon from the fine folks at Monsterverse.

Please order the collectible first issue NOW by contacting your local or online comic book shop and giving them the Diamond Item # Code: AUG101080 along with the title.

Long time friend Terry Beatty and I have a prominent story in this massive 48 page debut issue. Our creepy contribution is different from the other eerie episodes, which feature Lugosi as the traditional sinister and sardonic horror host. Terry and I present Bela as the star of our tale, as if were a long lost film made in the 1940s, with vintage two-strip color, which was banned for being "too shocking" for its time.

It was a real kick for me getting to work with Terry and Bela. Composing villainous dialogue for Bela Lugosi is among the most fun I've ever had as a writer.

If you also love Bela Lugosi, and the great horror comic books in the tradition of EC and Warren, this anthology is for you!

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