Thursday, September 30, 2010

RIP Tony Curtis

A very sad good-bye to the great
Tony Curtis, star of one of my all-time favorite films, and many other classics.

George Pal's HOUDINI, starring Tony Curtis, was a life defining moment for me. I first saw it when I was about nine years old, and I'd already read a couple books about the Great Houdini, including one my father had given me. However, the film sealed the deal for me forever.

Harry Houdini was not only a brilliant magician, but also arguably the greatest entertainer in history, and Tony Curtis's interpretation of him was uncanny. It inspired me to learn magic, escape artistry (there still isn't a knot that can hold me), develop my imagination, and started a life-long scientific fascination with the occult.

I owe Harry Houdini, and Tony Curtis, a tremendous lot.

Farewell, sir. You've
made the last great escape.

(June 3, 1925 – September 29, 2010.)

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  1. I enjoyed that film too, I had no idea that was a George Pal film however. Houdini was a famous star when my Dad was a kid, and I guess that rubbed off on me too. RIP Mr. Curtis.