Monday, May 21, 2012

Pablo and I at Spring Con 2012 and Beyond

The legendary Pablo Marcos and I at our table, toward the end of Spring Con 2012, right before we sadly said good-bye. Pablo's brilliant art on Marvel's classic TALES OF THE ZOMBIE utterly took hold of my imagination when I was fourteen years old, and changed my whole conception of what a comic book story could be. There were suddenly so many more possibilities than capes and masks and superpowers. And I never looked back.


Pablo's depiction of Simon Garth, the undead monster-hero of the series, possessed more depth and poignancy than any other comics character I'd ever witnessed. Beautifully and sensitively pantomimed by Pablo upon the page, this zombie never needed to utter a single word for me to understand and sympathize with his tragic plight. That b&w horror magazine certainly changed me and the creative direction I had been going in even at that early age, and Pablo's art sparked something in me that continues to burn.

It was one of the great highlights of my life when Silver Age Wonder Woman artist, and mutual friend, Jose Delbo introduced me to Pablo seventeen years ago. Impeccably dressed in an immaculate tailored suit, Pablo proved to be a rather shy and soft-spoken gentleman, despite the fact that he had long been a phenomenally accomplished, nationally known artist three decades before in South America, and he gave me the charming impression that he wasn't at all aware that he was, indeed, the celebrated Pablo Marcos.

Pablo and I happily hooked up again two years ago, and it was a tremendous thrill for me having him illustrate a couple of my adventures for THE SPIDER. A dream come true, to be sure. We are continuing to plan new projects, and talked over a couple concepts that I will be excitedly announcing in the near future.

My dream continues...

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