Monday, October 1, 2012

POPEYE. Terry Beatty. And me.

Remember that "Big Mystery Project" I announced a while back? Finally I've been given approval to spill the beans. Or, rather spill the spinach.

I've written this special POPEYE comic book issue for IDW, in which MARS ATTACKS POPEYE, illustrated by my long-time pal, Terry Beatty.

POPEYE is my all-time favorite character, so this is a tremendous thrill for me.

In fact, I confess that my hands are shaking as I am clumsily attempting to type this. In all my long career as a professional writer nothing has excited me as much as this.

As for the story itself, as Terry himself has already stated, I promise all of you that absolutely no one loves and respects Segar's POPEYE more than Terry and I.

We're doing this right.

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  1. I look forward eagerly for this. I'll be getting a lot of stuff written by you in the next few months. The upcoming Sherlock Holmes adaptation is on the list and I've been trying to find the Frankenstein comic for a few months. Now it's available again. Neat.

    Rip Off