Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Return of the Master

I purchased this book shortly before Ray Bradbury passed away.  

Those of you who know even a bit about me and my own writing career probably realize how wondrous a friend the esteemed author was to me, both as mentor and muse. His demise left a void in my heart I'll never get over.

During the days that followed, I couldn't bring myself to even open this book, as the obituaries and accolades streamed across all media. However, now, I feel it calling to me. I know this one was a highly personal story for Ray, based in part upon his own hopes and heartbreaks in Hollywood, and his life-long friendship with Ray Harryhausen.

I have a distinct feeling that the Master has something important in these pages that he wanted me to know. Even from beyond infinity, he's ever the patient teacher.

Very well, sir. Let's begin...

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