Friday, August 28, 2009

Long Live "The King"

Today would have been Jack Kirby's 92nd birthday.

Although the undisputed King of Comic Books left this dimension in 1994, Jack is probably more popular today than ever before. It's always heartening to me to hear young artists at conventions name him as the chief inspiration for following their dreams, and to see that distinctive excitement in their eyes when they talk about Kirby and his work.

Kirby was a special muse to me, too. His creative influence sparked a very precious part of my childhood that has never left me. Now, all grown up (more or less), I find myself enthralled by his accomplishments even more.

Jack Kirby will live forever.


  1. amen brother...Kirby lives a little in all of us.

  2. Thanks for sharing such great work!

  3. I've got a Kirby poster of Galactus on my wall, which came out many years ago. I grew up reading tales of many of his characters, and still do from time to time. Interesting sketch of Superman, long live the King.