Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Meanwhile, Back in Oz..

My new graphic novel adaptation of L. Frank Baum's THE WIZARD OF OZ has just been published! This was always my favorite story when I was a kid, so I was very excited when Stone Arch Books asked me to retell Dorothy's grand adventure for a new generation.

This a classy hardcover perma-bound edition, and should be in all major bookstores and libraries very soon.

Hope you'll give it a look.

ISBN: 9781434215826/ 1-4342-1582-2


  1. When exactly do you sleep, my friend? Are you like Thomas Edison and can get by with less sleep than the rest of us mortals? You got drive, Martin.

  2. Since high school I've rarely ever slept more than four or five hours a night. 50 hour days aren't unusual for me. It's not that I lurch around like a zombie either, I just don't sleep and don't seem to need to. My mom was the same way.

    Hmm...didn't know that about Edison.

    I'm actually more of a Tesla fan, myself.

  3. One of my old bosses gave me a book on Tesla. What a fruity nutcake. I think the genius/loon mixture was off a little in him.

  4. I noticed our library has started carrying more graphic novels (plus CDs, DVDs, etc.), hope they pick this up, and I hope the trend continues for libraries all over the country. Hey, if you can get anyone to read anything these days, that's a good thing. Plus with the cost of comics these days it's nice to have an alternate source for reading them. Good luck with the book.