Wednesday, October 20, 2010

THE TALL TALE OF PAUL BUNYAN Wins the 2010 Moonbeam Golden Award!!

THE TALL TALE OF PAUL BUNYAN has won the 2010 Moonbeam Golden Award for Comics and Graphic Novels!!

I can hardly believe it. After a zillion various award nominations I finally actually win one of the dang things. Amazing. Wednesdays, for some weird reason, are always nice to me.

Many thanks to artist Aaron Blecha, editor Donald Lemke, designer Bob Lentz, editorial director Michael Dahl, and Stone Arch Books for making this book a real winner.

Also, I need to mention that my soon-to-be eighty-six year old father loves this book (in fact, it's the only one of my books I'm certain he has read). He'll be very happy to hear this news from me, later today.

Lastly--thanks Paul and Babe! Since I was six years old, you've both always been there for me.


  1. YAAAAH.....congrats to you Martin. Well deserved for sure.

  2. Yeah, congratulations on that Martin. Continued success.