Friday, April 22, 2011

THE SPIDER Halloween Special

I'm a very lucky writer.

I was just offered to write a special Halloween issue of The Spider and, of course, I've enthusiastically agreed. This will be somewhat outside the continuity I'm establishing within the regular series, but the time-line will be connected. Think of it as sort of a Spider Annual! I'm very excited!

The extraordinarily prolific Jay Piscopo, our colorist on the regular Spider comic book series, has agreed to draw this Halloween story for Moonstone. Jay and I already have some very cool stuff cooking on this one. If that wasn't enough to celebrate, our immensely popular Spider cover artist, the fantastic Dan Brereton will be painting the cover for this one-shot issue, as well!

We're calling this
adventure "The Werewolf War Massacres." I have a full 30 pages to play with this time and will be focusing more on the dual personality of Richard Wentworth, featuring a glimpse into secret horrific events during World War One which birthed The Spider, Master of Men!

And, yes, this story does feature the Spider Vs. Werewolves!

Coming this October from Moonstone!

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  1. Congrats, sounds like you've got an interesting story to tell.