Sunday, February 26, 2012

THE SPIDER Strikes Again

Wow. More surprises.

I've just agreed to write a brand new full-length prose novel of THE SPIDER, for Moonstone Books. Looks as if the Master of Men and I cannot be so easily separated.

This bloody, gun-blasting, crazy cackling, nutcase and I have been though a lot in our past seven years together. Because of other professional obligations I had to regretfully turn down this offer last year, but the chance to write a full-blown, uninterrupted, white-hot SPIDER novel all my own is too great a temptation to resist any longer.

Besides sleep is over-rated.

(And of course, the main reason I'm doing this project is so I can spend more quality time with Nita Van Sloan.)

More details soon.

The Spider ™ Argosy Communications. Artwork © Dan Brereton.
Artwork © Pablo Marcos. Artwork © Hannibal King.

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