Sunday, April 4, 2010

More KI-GOR!

Artist Tom Floyd's freshly inked illustration of Ki-Gor and Helene in a rare peaceful moment from "War of the Beast-Men", our first KI-GOR THE JUNGLE LORD prose pulp story.

Nobody today draws jungles as cool as Tom. I especially love that towering escarpment looming in the background, a special Tom Floyd extra touch. Immediately upon seeing it I pondered what might be living high up on that ancient, isolated mystery-land. Nope, not dinosaurs. There are enough prehistoric creatures prowling the depths of Ki-Gor's jungle as is.

I think I might actually know what's up there...but I'm saving it for a surprise.

Stay Tuned!

(Click on pictures for large images.)

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  1. The inked version really makes the picture come to life. I really enjoy reading this type of thing. When I was a kid I used to like Gold Key's Turok. Many years later I found Kamandi, and still later Joe Kubert's Tor, and others. I'll look forward to the book.