Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A New Epic Adventure with Pablo Marcos!

There's not much I can say about this yet, but I'm so excited about it I just had to post a sneak peek.

You're looking at preliminary material for Ramses the Hawk, a brand new super-hero adventure in the grand tradition of Tarzan and Doc Savage, which the legendary Pablo Marcos and I are currently developing. This is a special project Pablo has had simmering for quite a while, and I'm very honored that he's invited me to be a part of it.

Although I've been very lucky throughout my long career, allowed to write for famous characters like Superman, Batman, The Phantom, The Spider, The Avenger, Sherlock Holmes and many more, nothing compares to the thrill of creating something that you will own and creatively control yourself.

And so, from its roots in the mysterious and ancient past--the action furiously explodes into our own 21st century!

More to come...!
Ramses the Hawk © Pablo Marcos
(Click on art for a larger image.)

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  1. As always, while I greatly enjoy and admire your work with classic characters like Holmes, The Phantom, The Spider, etc., I eagerly look forward seeing more of your own creations come to fruition.

    And Pablo is a great collaborator for you!