Friday, February 12, 2010

Poems, Songs, and Tarot Readings

This past evening I spent a lovely time with musician, poet, and longtime friend, Jenny Dalton. We've been friends for almost ten years and it would be remiss of me not to make special mention of Jenny in my blog.

Both of us are agnostics, often suspecting everything while, perhaps, believing in nothing, raised in traditional, somewhat strict Catholic homes. We've always shared a peculiarly similar world view, which drew us together in the first place.

She introduced me to the fascinating works of Robert Anton Wilson, and I gave Jenny her first deck of Tarot cards. I wasn't exactly sure why I did that at the time. I don't believe in the Tarot. But then, I don't disbelieve it either. By way of splendid coincidences (?), Wilson's books profoundly affected my life, while the Tarot set Jenny on a vigorous new path of creative freedom and self-discovery.

Simply put, our lives wouldn't be the same had we never met, and we've been a positive influence on each other ever since.

A mutual fan once remarked to me that she felt Jenny and I "wrote from the same place." The comment was definitely meant to be a compliment, although I didn't understand it. Jenny and I discussed this tonight, and it immediately seemed to puzzle her, too.

Still, I can never resist a mystery, so perhaps Jenny and I should write something together one of these days, then we might be able to figure it out.
I'm certainly game if she is.

Currently, she's about to immerse herself into the studio and begin recording her next album, which sounds truly amazing. You'll be hearing more of Jenny soon. Stay tuned.

If you'd like to experience Jenny's haunting music, listen to her podcasts, and even have a personal Tarot card reading, then visit her at:

You'll have a lovely time, too.

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  1. Hi Martin,

    Thanks for sharing your friend. I always pick up the most interesting stuff from your blog. Cheers~