Tuesday, February 16, 2010


This awesomely cool Ultraman mask arrived today. Genuinely retro, too!

When I was about eleven years old, a new independent television station, WDRB Channel 41, suddenly appeared on the airwaves in Louisville, Ky. Mind you, this was in the days before cable and VCRs, when we only had three local stations to choose from. For a kid like me, Channel 41 was the stuff dreams were made of. They showed cool old cartoons and vintage TV series, plus a great assortment of movies, from Tarzan, to Godzilla, and the whole Universal Monsters package.

My favorite series, by far, was called Ultraman, a live-action Japanese sci-fi super-hero giant monster show. I'd never even heard of it before watching the origin episode, which hooked me before the first commercial. I became a fan obsessed, sculpting models, making masks, and writing and drawing my own Ultraman comic book adventures in between shows. I dreamed of being a member of the legendary Science Patrol, and it was always fun to see the neighborhood kids race out of their homes immediately after the program, mimicking all of Ultraman's epic battle poses.

Recently, I stumbled upon a DVD collection of the original series and I've become hooked all over again.

Yup, I know exactly how this kid feels!

(Click on pics for larger image.)


  1. awesome, Martin....Lisa has you pegged for sure.

    I never got to see Ultraman as a kid, wished I had, seems as tho I missed all the Japanese influence stuff.

  2. Growing up in the suburbs of Louisville, Ky., in those days, was a great time to be a kid. Sorry you missed ULTRAMAN, pal. He was, to me, what Roy Rogers and Captain Midnight were to you. I have a feeling that kids today are really missing something special.

  3. This is awesome! I never saw the series but love the mask. Cheers~