Saturday, April 17, 2010

More Jungle Action

Here's a new illustration by Tom Floyd, in its early stages, for our KI-GOR THE JUNGLE LORD story, "War of the Beast-Men". This will be part of Moonstone's huge upcoming pulp hero explosion.

I'm far from the only one who thinks that my pal Tom is doing some of his very best work on this series, which will be both illustrated prose tales and traditional comic book stories. I'm very lucky to be working with him as we both constantly spark ideas from each other, and Tom's enthusiasm and energy always keeps things fun and exciting. This drawing is a fabulous example of that.

This guy is a dynamo. I suspect he must sleep even less than me, if at all.

Tom is perhaps best known as the creator of the popular Captain Spectre and His Lightning Legion online comic strip. If you're not already a fan, check out this fantastic adventure epic for free right here:

After that, you'll want to hop on over to Tom's Art-Blog and peruse some of his past work and see updates of other on-going projects:

On top of the zillion-and-one things Tom is currently working on, he also recently very kindly agreed to letter my
The Phantom Unmasked mini-series which I'm extremely grateful for.

I couldn't ask for a more talented, and generous, partner and friend.

You're one in a billion, Tom.

(Click on the picture for a larger'll be really glad you did.)

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  1. Hey Martin, thanks for the feels awesome, thanks pal.