Thursday, April 15, 2010

R.I.P. Pauly Mac

A sad farewell to our old orange guy, Pauly Mac.

He lived a very full and adventurous life, and was just a few months from his nineteenth birthday when he passed away today after a brief illness. Lisa discovered Pauly and his siblings after hearing them crying in a dumpster, where some soulless wretch had discarded them.

Pauly was always the nicest boy. Good friend. Good brother. Good cat.

We miss him terribly.

Maybe we'll see you again someday, Pauly. I sure hope so.

Pauly MacDoogal

July, 1991--April 15, 2010


  1. As I posted elsewhere you have my condolences in your loss. Makes me miss my old guy all the more. :-( I'm sure he's fine where he is now, purring contently at the fond memories you have of him.

  2. Sorry to hear about you and Lisa's loss. It is sad we have to lose our beloved pets.

  3. My condolences, Martin. How wonderful that you had such a special friend for so long.

  4. Looks like a nice companion, I'm sure you'll miss him.