Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Mind of Their Own

So strange. It's happened again.

My little group of weirdos is telling me what they want to do on the page, instead of the other way around. Just as I was confidently finishing up one of the last chapters, they detoured me again in another direction, utterly surprising we with something better and more exciting. It's sort of spooky and very fun...but that's what they're all about!

I've known them most of my life, but so far they've lived only inside my head. It's as if they are well aware of finally being born and are very much taking over the story. I feel like an observer, watching and reporting from the sidelines as The Halloween Legion work their magic before my own astonished eyes. It really is deliriously disconcerting, but also delightful.

This is a very rare thing for me, but now I have no idea how this adventure is going to end!

The Halloween Legion © Martin Powell. Artwork © Thomas Boatwright.

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