Monday, April 27, 2009


Well, MicroCon 2009 was a surprising success. Surprising to me, at least. Must confess that I had my doubts. I mean, none of us can pick up a newspaper or turn on the TV or the computer without being barraged with the depressing state of the American economy. Everyone is supposed to either be broke, or are afraid that they'll soon be broke, right?

Also, there was the weather. Hardly ideal. The rain was coming down in sheets as we arrived at the Fairgrounds. Lisa and I were soaked to our underoos while performing the simple task of hauling my several boxes of books into the building. Lightning was flashing, too. Before we unloaded the car a full blown thunderstorm was underway. Annoying and uncomfortable, of course (although I still really like thunderstorms), and yet...and yet there was an early line of fans, already fully sixty feet long, standing there in the tempest, joking and laughing together, more or less patiently waiting for the convention to officially begin.


Not only did the fans show up in swarms, I actually signed and sold quite a heavy number of books, very nearly making MicroCon 2009 my most successful comic show yet. Only at last year's FallCon did I sell and sign more books. The boxes were fewer and considerably lighter when Lisa and I packed up to leave.

I even gave in to my inner geek on the dealer's floor and indulged in these two long-sought pricey prizes:

So, as I wrote at the start of this blog, MicroCon 2009 was a success. And I had my doubts. Shows you how much I know.

Minnesota fans have made me feel very warmly welcome since 2001. Can't begin to tell you all how much that means to me. Yes, I can. It means the world to me, and nothing less.

So thanks to all who stopped by my table to meet and talk, and I especially appreciate your continued support of my odd scribblings.

After all, you are the reason I'm here.

Special thanks to Michael May for providing the photo.


  1. Oh, Martin, isn't it awesome to have a good signing? This was a very encouraging story. Thanks for sharing...and congrats!!

  2. That DEVIL DINOSAUR hardcover is awesome. I love Kirby – especially his really "out there" creations!

    I've got my first con of the year coming up in a couple of weeks...

  3. Yup, I love DEVIL DINOSAUR.

    I only saw a couple issues back when the series was new, so this hardcover collection is quite a treat.

    Plus, the dealer offered it to me at a considerably discounted rate.