Monday, April 27, 2009

Writing for Kids

Aside from writing science fiction, mystery, horror, and blood-and-thunder adventure pulp stories, primarily for an adult audience, for the past couple years it's also been my very good fortune to write a number of children's books. This is something I'd wanted to do ever since I first started to write professionally. Books were very important to me when I was a kid. They held a special kind of relevance and magic that I couldn't find any where else.

Stone Arch Books, one of my favorite publishers, have worked with me on a wide range of very fun projects, everything from traditional Fairy Tales with my own twist, to my personal interpretations of classic literature. It's been a grand ride, and I'm very happy to say that the wave is still continuing. I have five more new Stone Arch volumes being published this summer.

Today, I'm the subject of the Stone Arch Blog.

Hope you'll check out my interview here:

And, you can read a preview of my SNOW WHITE by following this link:,M1

Hope you'll want to check out the others, too, at your neighborhood library or bookstore.


  1. I find I really like writing for kids. You can just let go and have so much fun, and to see them smile when they read it--no better feeling! Remember how we felt reading Doc and The Avenger or comics for the first time? :)