Monday, May 10, 2010

Frazetta Forever

Frank Frazetta, the greatest and most influential artist of our age, has passed away at age 82.

His vibrant, exhilarating paintings first caught my attention on the covers of the Warren magazines, Creepy and Eerie.

A bit later, Frank lured me into the savage jungles, lost prehistoric worlds, and hostile Martian battlefields of Edgar Rice Burroughs, and I never came back.

Frank's passionate palette flows white-hot in the veins of my generation and beyond. Much more than any other artist, Frank Frazetta changed the face of science fiction and fantasy forever.

There will never be another like him.

Rest in peace, sir. You're now one of the immortals.

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  1. Frazetta was a major influence, still influencing artist today. There's a DVD on him called, Frazetta. It's okay, but I wanted it to be more than it was with Frank naming off his influences or more on art technique or something along that line, instead of him musing about sports and such. Still it's worth a watch if you have Netflix as is the animated Fire and Ice DVD.