Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The SPIDER Returns!

The following sketches are merely preliminary layouts for the upcoming final illustrations, but I felt I needed to share them.

These fabulous drawings are by the amazing Pablo Marcos, for our first new SPIDER adventure together, "The City that Couldn't Sleep."

Stay tuned for more!

(Click on the pics for larger images.)


  1. The Spider versus vampires... COOL!!

    Thanks for sharing Marcos' sketches, Martin.

    Based on their format, I'm guessing they're for a prose short story with "widevision" illustrations.

    Looking forward for the beggining of your ternure as The Spider's writer.

  2. Looking forward TO...

    Sorry, but my English is a little rusty.

  3. Nice to hear from you Rafael, as always.

    Not meaning to spoil anything for you here, but "The City that Couldn't Sleep" isn't about vampires.

    What we have going on in this story is a mysterious "waking plague" where the entire population of New York City hasn't slept in almost 20 days. And...that's all I'm going to say right now.

    You're absolutely right, by the way. My and Pablo's first story is in "wide-vision" format. THE SPIDER's regular comic book series will soon follow.

    Stay tuned.


  4. Amazing sketchs of Pablo Marcos!!!
    In this week,I see the Timothy Truman's Spider version,the books 1 and 2 (of failed Eclipse Comics).I don't think a Spider in this very diference of the original Spider! Have a pistols,fangs of vampire,long hair,Hindu partner,Comissary Kirkpatrick,the lovelles girlfriend Nita..but the visual-design for the Spider don't remember in nothing the pulp detective.Truman says is don't need remember the Shadow.
    Are more airplanes in the sky,above the buildings.Is the vision of 1930's writer for 1990 future world..I like this!!
    You like of this Spider version?

  5. Thank you for your kind reply, Martin.

    I've taken the liberty of linking this post over at the Moonstone forums.

  6. Rafael--

    Pablo and I greatly appreciate you creating the link for us!



  7. Regarding Tim Truman, I've always enjoyed his comics. I think he is an amazing storyteller.

    However, the version of THE SPIDER that Pablo Marcos and I are doing together is much closer to the original pulp magazine adventures from the 1930s.

    Hope you'll join us.