Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Peter Cushing Remembered

Today is Peter Cushing's birthday.

A long-time favorite of mine, I had to set aside a moment from a very busy day to express my admiration of this fine, consummate performer. Mr. Cushing's films meant so much to me as I was growing up. Whether he was portraying the diabolical Baron Frankenstein, the saintly Dr. Van Helsing, the brilliantly eccentric (and definitive) Sherlock Holmes, or dozens of other roles, Peter was always fascinating to watch.

He still is.

Happy Birthday, sir. You remain as an inspiration to so many of us. And you are sorely missed.

Peter Cushing
May 26, 1913 - August 11, 1994


  1. Of course he made fine dr who

  2. As much as I'm a fan of Price and Lee, Peter Cushing holds the top spot in my fannish heart.
    There was something intelligent behind his eyes all the time, whether he was the good guy or the villain. He made his acting look effortless and that's the true sign of a gifted actor. That his career lasted so long to the birth of Star Wars is simply amazing. And like you, Martin, he was my favorite Sherlock Holmes.