Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Sad news. Charles Pierce, pioneering producer/director of The Legend of Boggy Creek, has left our dimension at age 71.

This film was a favorite among the Drive-In Theater screens when I was a kid, with a startling and very effective television promotional campaign. Commercials for the movie seemed to run several times an hour on our local stations in Louisville, each time showing a brief tension-filled scene that progressively became more frightening with each clip. This thing looked creepy as hell.

It was the movie's subtitle, "A True Story", that really grabbed all of us. Before long all the kids in my neighborhood, and my cousins living in rural Kentucky, were all talking about it. We had to see this movie!

The Legend of Boggy Creek ultimately had quite an imaginative effect on me and I've never forgotten its simple, atmospheric power.

So, I'm very grateful to you, Charles. You've been a very positive influence to my life.

Rest easy, sir. You've earned it.

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