Tuesday, March 2, 2010


A few weeks ago, on Facebook, I announced a possible pulp project that was starting to take shape. It was necessary for me to be rather cryptic, and the curiosity and well-wishes from my readers and friends was very gratifying. The waiting was difficult and sometimes draining, especially those times when all seemed lost.

Then, finally, after much tension and suspense, I received the most welcomed news late last night. Now I've just been given the nod to finally spill everything...so here goes.

Officially, as of yesterday, I am the new writer for The Spider at Moonstone!

To better comprehend the full gravity of that position, perhaps I should better explain the extent of exactly what my new duties will encompass.

I will be solely responsible for writing:

1. A new bi-monthly Spider comic book.
2. A semi-annual illustrated Spider pulp magazine.
3. A special illustrated pulp novella featuring the first team-up of The Spider and G-8 and His Battle Aces.

And that's just for starters.

The artists for these stories are in the process of being cast. I'm ecstatic regarding the possibility of one of them, in particular. You will be, too, I promise.

I've loved this weird, wonderful character since my horrid high school days. Most popularly written by author Norvell Page in the original pulp magazines during the 1930s and '40s, there is simply no other pulp hero like him. The Spider is, arguably, the third tier of pulpdom's Big Three--just a rung or two below The Shadow and Doc Savage in popularity. Don't get me wrong; I love The Shadow and Doc, but I'd much rather write The Spider and his hellish apocalyptic adventures, than either of them.

Now I have my chance at last. I would sound like a blubbering idiot if I attempted to express what this opportunity means to me, both on a sentimental level, and for the creative challenge it represents. So, don't worry. I won't even try.

Tonight, I feel like the luckiest writer alive.

Although I've already written a couple published Spider adventures during the last few years, as well as providing the box text for Real Art Studios' statue, this was a lot tougher gig to land than you might expect. I won't go into the stressful details here, as I'm certain that would be very dull reading for anyone not involved, but let me state plainly that there are several very generous folks that I need to thank. They are shy and modest individuals, but all are heroes in my eyes. So, please accept my heart-felt appreciation. You know who you are.

All my love and gratitude for Lisa, as well. I never could have accomplished this without her patient understanding and support. She's always believed in me, without fail.

Currently, I'm busily shaping up a number of ideas and outlines that have been waiting to explode from my brain for years. I'm extremely nervous, and excited, and you should be seeing my first new
Spider story, I think, this autumn. The title is "The City That Couldn't Sleep."

However, you don't need to wait that long for a daring dose of pure Spider prose. Currently, Moonstone's newest issue of The Spider, entitled, "The Strange Case of The Spider and Mr. Hyde", written by my talented pal Howard Hopkins, is a breathlessly action-packed and creepy-as-hell page-turner. The interior illustrations by Cortney Skinner are atmospherically enigmatic, as is artist Gary Carbon's very cool cover. Highly recommended.

Even more news of The Spider is coming soon. Stay tuned!

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  1. Great news pal!!! Congrats....and may I say that no writer that I can think of deserves the honor of writing the Spider, but YOU! Finally Spider comics too!

  2. Please clarify: "Semi-annual" always means twice-per-year; "biennial" always means once-every-two-years. "Bi-annual" can mean either. Which did you intend?
    Oh, and before I forget: "YAY!"

  3. Martin, this is truly awesome!! :-)

  4. Great news, Martin! Congratulations!

  5. Thanks ever so much, guys.

    Sorry for the confusion and I appreciate the correction, Ray.

    Yes, there will be two new SPIDER pulp mags this year. For 2011 I'm planning to increase the mag's schedule to quarterly and, hopefully, bi-monthly status thereafter.


  6. That's excellent news! You'll be one busy fellow for quite a while. I agree with you on writing the Spider vs the big two. As much as I love Doc Savage, I feel that after decades of comic books that sprung out of the Doc Savage formula, it would almost be a step backward to revist him without making some changes (I'm curious to see the DC incarnation though). I still think the Shadow would be fun. I'm glad to see there's going to be a G-8 and his Battle Aces crossover. G-8 was one of my favorites. Is that getting its own book too? Any idea who is writing it?

  7. Hi John. Good to see you here.

    DC's new take on Doc is continuing to miss the mark, so far as I can see. Cell phones with computers and roadsters. No real time period nailed down. Just, well, blahhh...

    Moonstone doesn't have plans for a G-8 series, as far as I know (although I'd love to write it). I think that there is another special appearance or two being planned, probably to test the waters. Chuck Dixon's name was attached to one of these, which should be really cool.


  8. Might I suggest a journey for Mr. Wentworth to the Dark Continent so he could face off against the Lord of the Jungle - KiGor! ha.

  9. A belated congrats from me, too! A perfect partnership in pulp.

  10. Karma ... I believe I am off the hook for that book the post office lost.