Sunday, March 28, 2010

More KI-GOR Previews

I had to post these. Artist Tom Floyd and I are having a ball producing this KI-GOR THE JUNGLE LORD story, which I've titled "War of the Beast-Men."

This will be the first Ki-Gor adventure Moonstone will publish and, as such, it will also serve as an introduction of the Jungle Lord's world to our readers. These early sketches by Tom clearly indicate that this isn't the same Africa you learned about in geography class. We decided to portray our own original version of the great jungle, while also remaining true to the spirit of the classic pulp magazine stories of the 1930s and '40s.

While writing the story, I approached our wild Old World setting as if from the imagination of a ten year old kid in the 1930s. Back then unknown islands and lost continents beckoned explorers toward great adventures in the most exotic and dangerous places on Earth. Ki-Gor's Dark Continent is largely unexplored (actually that's still true of the heart of Africa today), a savagely mysterious world of epic sweeping landscapes, and perilously claustrophobic twilight green jungles.

Tom and I are feeling quite at home here. Hope you'll join us.

I'll be posting more Ki-Gor material as things continue to develop.

Stay tuned!

(Click on drawings for a larger image.)


  1. This looks (and sounds) absolutely fabulous!!

    Gotta drop one of my monthlies to pick Ki-Gor up and stay on budget. Not going to be a problem, since some of them aren't thrilling me at all and I just keep buying them out of habit.

  2. GREAT!Remember the initial arts of Frank Frazzetta,with jungle scenes.Ki-Gor is the new sensation of Moonstone comics!