Friday, June 25, 2010

One Year Ago...

Lisa, the love of my life, had major surgery a year ago today. It was a very scary time, neither of us knowing how serious the results might be.

I remember as Lisa was waking up from the operation we learned that Michael Jackson had died. That absolutely stunned both of us. This was a guy, seemingly ageless, brimming over with vitality, who had grown up right along with us. And for all his talent, power, and wealth--he was suddenly gone.

The whole fearful experience of that difficult time, particularly with neither of us yet knowing the complete facts of Lisa's illness, changed both of us, I think, for the better.

Thankfully all was well, and she has made a strong, rapid recovery.

Since then, Lisa and I have learned never to take life for granted, to strive to make the most of every aspect of it, and never to waste a moment. We should always celebrate our time on the planet, even--perhaps especially--during the the tough times. It's surely better to be, than not to be.

I'm feeling exceptionally fortunate and grateful today.

Shame on me if I ever allow myself to feel anything less.


  1. I am glad you both made it thru the ordeal.

  2. I'm glad you both are in a better place today, and agree celebrate life when you can.